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Programming and Computer Science

I need to constantly update this.
So let’s review JavaScript.
Types of Data,
Strings, numbers, boo leans.
For, if/then, if/else, if/else if, do/while.
(Hope I’m not missing any)
8%2 = 0 no remainder
Object literal notation
Object constructor notation syntax
All of these good things are simple tools used to create. I love the idea of programming even though I feel like I’ve done nothing but write simple programs like “hello world!” Or a phone book. I want to change the world, make something useful. I want to make your life easier. A phone book won’t do much. I hope I can apply my current knowledge soon.


CS50 Course

Well I have been focusing more on my CS50 online course and a little less on JS; which I will finish soon. The CS50 course really dives into what computers are all about. Bits and bytes, reading 1’s and 0’s; all of this good stuff really goes a long way to help explain programming to any beginner. I think that it has really helped me improve and I recommend the course since it is free. I might post up a link to my GitHub account of one of my PSets. Just to help anyone interested to see what it is all about. Also I need to start generating that criticism for my code. It is important to practice doing something the right way. If you practice shooting a basketball wrong then you will learn how to shoot it wrong; you need someone to tell you that you are doing it wrong.

I’m back

Well I took a small break, sometimes you just have to take a step back and review things. I did just that. Now I have to learn about Object and all this stuff. Surprisingly enough I havent finished Javascript, I’m going too slow and I need to speed things up. I think one of the most important things I’ve learned so far is that you do not learn how to code, you learn how to program. Once you process that you can get a new feel to Computer Science in general. Which I should probably learn more about before I move on to any projects. I need to start looking into internships because experience is important.