CS50 Course

Well I have been focusing more on my CS50 online course and a little less on JS; which I will finish soon. The CS50 course really dives into what computers are all about. Bits and bytes, reading 1’s and 0’s; all of this good stuff really goes a long way to help explain programming to any beginner. I think that it has really helped me improve and I recommend the course since it is free. I might post up a link to my GitHub account of one of my PSets. Just to help anyone interested to see what it is all about. Also I need to start generating that criticism for my code. It is important to practice doing something the right way. If you practice shooting a basketball wrong then you will learn how to shoot it wrong; you need someone to tell you that you are doing it wrong.


About innovativegam3r

A person interested in the art of Programming. Sharing my mistakes and accomplishments with WordPress.

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