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Do you ever stay up late at night thinking about things? I’m sure many people do and sometimes all I can think about is what else I could do. All the things I want to do. I want to learn programming and make some programs and make money off of doing it since I like it so much. Instead I lay in bed thinking about random things. No real learning in the last 2 days. I’ve gotten real hooked to Dota 2 and as an upcoming promising player I’m seriously addicted. Will get over it soon…hopefully.


Starting from scratch (sort of).

So due to recent events I have found tons of new things to explore. The field of Computer Science and Computer Programming is a big one. It has many resources to make use of and I think this is why I still like it. It is captivating because of the huge amount of learning it takes, and how hard it is to master. It is an art and that is non debatable. I have learned JavaScript. Now I realize that was a mistake. A mistake should not necessarily be something I regret though. I put myself into a difficult position. I went right into learning a computer language infatuated with the idea of coding. That was wrong. It certainly is a good way of attracting new people like myself to the Computer field, but it is not right. To really understand what the Computer Sciences are about you have to start with simple understandings. Why to use JS and when to use it. You do not just jump into the coding, you first understand why you are coding. Seems like a simple idea but it completely went over my head because I did not think twice. So I have found new ways of instructing myself in the basics of programming and I will get right on that. I am starting from the very basics of Computer Science and Programming, but with an already deeper understanding than any beginner would have. The website I am using is it is a great website for learning anything. Coursera is also great. Keep in mind I live in a very small city near L.A. where Computer Science is scarce. I have no outside influences and I am teaching myself. If you all have any good ideas of other sources, I would appreciate them. Also feel free to look at my mentioned sources, they are great for learning any field and you could also make use of them

The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Key

I have an ESO beta key for anyone that needs it, I’m giving it away and anyone is eligible to take it. I initially applied to the ESO beta to play on my Xbox One but I instead realized that only the Windows and Mac Beta keys are being given out. Just drop a comment and the Beta is yours, tell your friends.


EDIT: Given out.