Archive | May 2014

Hackthon Experience

The past weekend I took a break from my app and participated in a hackathon. It was an amazing experience and I got to work with some really great people. Our team ended up winning second place with our project, Article 3D. I can say I learned a lot and I’m looking forward to whatever hackathon I go to next. I’m also back to work on my app. I’ll decide on a theme soon.



So I decided to take a break from the slightly stressful app development and register into a ┬áhackathon. It was located at a Nickelodeon building and it has been really nice so far. Since I came in yesterday at 6 (It is a 3 day event) I have had a good time. I met a couple of awesome developers/programmers who are all hacking away at building a really nice web application for the hackathon. Unfortunately I could not do much as a programmer since my JS knowledge is still pretty low. I also have not used many frameworks for JS because of all the time I’ve put into Objective-C. As soon as I finish my iOS app I think i will head into web development with JS. I’ll see.