The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Key

I have an ESO beta key for anyone that needs it, I’m giving it away and anyone is eligible to take it. I initially applied to the ESO beta to play on my Xbox One but I instead realized that only the Windows and Mac Beta keys are being given out. Just drop a comment and the Beta is yours, tell your friends.


EDIT: Given out.


Programming and Computer Science

I need to constantly update this.
So let’s review JavaScript.
Types of Data,
Strings, numbers, boo leans.
For, if/then, if/else, if/else if, do/while.
(Hope I’m not missing any)
8%2 = 0 no remainder
Object literal notation
Object constructor notation syntax
All of these good things are simple tools used to create. I love the idea of programming even though I feel like I’ve done nothing but write simple programs like “hello world!” Or a phone book. I want to change the world, make something useful. I want to make your life easier. A phone book won’t do much. I hope I can apply my current knowledge soon.

CS50 Course

Well I have been focusing more on my CS50 online course and a little less on JS; which I will finish soon. The CS50 course really dives into what computers are all about. Bits and bytes, reading 1’s and 0’s; all of this good stuff really goes a long way to help explain programming to any beginner. I think that it has really helped me improve and I recommend the course since it is free. I might post up a link to my GitHub account of one of my PSets. Just to help anyone interested to see what it is all about. Also I need to start generating that criticism for my code. It is important to practice doing something the right way. If you practice shooting a basketball wrong then you will learn how to shoot it wrong; you need someone to tell you that you are doing it wrong.

I’m back

Well I took a small break, sometimes you just have to take a step back and review things. I did just that. Now I have to learn about Object and all this stuff. Surprisingly enough I havent finished Javascript, I’m going too slow and I need to speed things up. I think one of the most important things I’ve learned so far is that you do not learn how to code, you learn how to program. Once you process that you can get a new feel to Computer Science in general. Which I should probably learn more about before I move on to any projects. I need to start looking into internships because experience is important.


See it is important to note that even though I was committed to writing on 3 of my experiences it did not really happen, not because I am lazy, but because I am a perfectionist and I just do not want to bullshit a sort of “assignment” I set for myself. I’ll definitely write interesting things when I have the time. Sometimes you just don’t have that “spark”. That is what drives me, that “spark”. Interestingly enough, I am a Cross Country runner, and when I joined my team in High School I was the top incoming runner. I had that spark. Someone stole my place as top incoming runner, a good friend, and I lost that spark, instead of competing back I gave up and lost the spark. Let us not have that happen with blogging and computer programming. If someone threatens to steal my spark, I will compete back. Completely off topic, but that is why I did not write, I just did not have that spark of creativity. Maybe tomorrow?

Daily Post Challenge

I just found out about this Daily Post Challenge that we have every week on WordPress! It seems like an amazing idea and I will definitely try it out only because of two reasons.

1. It will help me improve my blogging/ typing skills I need typing for code writing remember I said that.

2. If I can get featured on the Freshly Pressed section it could definitely improve my chances of getting feedback from a real audience, which is what I need right now. A good tip from learning code is to get my code criticized if it is messy  I need an audience to tell me!

I think the only way to get an audience is to get people interested in my posts, I think this Daily Post Challenge can definitely add a little spice to my seemingly boring blog, one about coding and my experiences with it. Too much learning is bad…right? So I’ll use the excuse of the Challenge to change the perspective of my blog for a little, see my writing differently. I think the audience and I can both learn a little more about me this way. Anyway to wrap up today I will say that for this week I will be keeping my eyes open for the rich details of life. I already noticed one today and that was the moon shining over my neighborhood. I got a picture of it and maybe I can submit it with the challenge.

First problem with coding!

So I’m pretty sure that everyone that has ever tried coding has had trouble understanding parts of it, I think that it is a universal thing, if you’re trying to learn something new then you are going to have problems learning that something. For me it was the way that loops and arrays work together, it might have been the fact that I was trying to introduce different music types to help my learning or the fact that I was Face timing my girlfriend. Whatever the problem was I just could not get to understanding a simple exercise in coding, I stared at my screen blankly and did not get a single thing. Let me explain myself when I say that I did not understand the coding, I got the program to work, but I just did not fully understand how it worked and that was what was bothering me. It was a simple practice program in Javascript that helped me find my name in a string of text,

text = “blah blah blah blah blah blah \
blah blah blah blah Omar blah \
blah blah Omar blah blah blah”;
var myName = “Omar”;
var hits = [];
for (var i = 0; i < text.length; i ++){
if (text[i] == “O”){
for (var j = i; j < (myName.length + i); j ++){


if(hits.length === 0) {
console.log(“Your name wasn’t found!”);
} else {

     This is the code of the program. It seems fairly easy but it got me because of the syntax. I figured it out after I took a quick break. I think the problem today was just the fact that I needed a little break in between lessons, and I think the stress of finals added to my learning capabilities. All in all it was a simple rookie mistake that I learned from, take a break from learning every now and then, it really helps. Also do not try to cram more stuff into your brain than you already are during finals week, that is a given now. Anyway the point of this post was more of a way to introduce this link that I found during my quest to find the answer to the questions “Why am I trying to learn coding at all? What can I do with this?”. I think that any beginning programmer would ask themselves these questions and honestly it is not a bad thing because if you are questioning your motives then it means that you are trying to see if coding is right for you. Coding is only right for you if you love it. It is an acquired passion and passion depends entirely on you. I think at this point in time I am mildly passionate and it will only grow or diminish and eventually fade out. If you are reading this and I have written tons of posts on coding then I learned to love it. With that said here is the link to the article I found

Anyway just put that on your browser and you’ll see for yourself. Other than that I am now ready to move to Silicon Valley! Just kidding, it is expensive and I’m just a beginner but it seems like I could learn a lot from moving there, and that is my purpose, to find the best way to learn coding. So far I am just working with one website, but I will try more soon. IMPORTANT! please leave me some feedback if you dropped by and read this! Tell me what you think! Everyones opinion counts. Should I continue this? Or am I gaining nothing from writing my experiences in coding. Just make sure you read my first post since it pretty much explains everything.

A young programmers beginning.

I’ve heard a few things about blogging and I figured that since I recently started learning about very simple code I should start a blog about my findings in the field of programming. Every interesting and helpful thing that I learn will go on here and hopefully it will be useful to someone other than myself. I come into WordPress with simple thoughts in my head.

1. Blog a lot in order to improve my typing skills which are very much needed when writing even a few lines of code.

2. Write down every single thing I learn, this will help me memorize it faster and it might, like I said, help someone other than myself.

3. I read somewhere that the best way to learn is to teach someone else and to practice, so as I teach myself and practice my coding (currently learning Javascript) I will write in this blog to teach the reader, even if that reader is nonexistent, it will still let me apply my teaching skills by writing out my teaching and hoping that someone can eventually find my written works.

With all that stated lets delve into the programming world, one language at a time.