iOS Developing

Well being an iOS Developer is not easy at all. If you know an iOS Developer you should definitely congratulate them for the amount of work they have done and the amount of Apple prewritten code that they have memorized because they have written a lot of it. There are methods for everything. It is hard to remember what they all do and you might spend more time researching a useful method than actually implementing it in your code. It is hard and I now see why it is a profession. I will soon proceed to develop my own app, a simple game. I’ve learned a bit of game development with SpriteKit and I definitely want to start using it. I have no good ideas so I will return when I get one or when I become a bit more confident with the SpriteKit engine and coding in Objective-C. I also have to find a good graphic designer. 


About innovativegam3r

A person interested in the art of Programming. Sharing my mistakes and accomplishments with WordPress.

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