See it is important to note that even though I was committed to writing on 3 of my experiences it did not really happen, not because I am lazy, but because I am a perfectionist and I just do not want to bullshit a sort of “assignment” I set for myself. I’ll definitely write interesting things when I have the time. Sometimes you just don’t have that “spark”. That is what drives me, that “spark”. Interestingly enough, I am a Cross Country runner, and when I joined my team in High School I was the top incoming runner. I had that spark. Someone stole my place as top incoming runner, a good friend, and I lost that spark, instead of competing back I gave up and lost the spark. Let us not have that happen with blogging and computer programming. If someone threatens to steal my spark, I will compete back. Completely off topic, but that is why I did not write, I just did not have that spark of creativity. Maybe tomorrow?


About innovativegam3r

A person interested in the art of Programming. Sharing my mistakes and accomplishments with WordPress.

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