Daily Post Challenge

I just found out about this Daily Post Challenge that we have every week on WordPress! It seems like an amazing idea and I will definitely try it out only because of two reasons.

1. It will help me improve my blogging/ typing skills I need typing for code writing remember I said that.

2. If I can get featured on the Freshly Pressed section it could definitely improve my chances of getting feedback from a real audience, which is what I need right now. A good tip from learning code is to get my code criticized if it is messy  I need an audience to tell me!

I think the only way to get an audience is to get people interested in my posts, I think this Daily Post Challenge can definitely add a little spice to my seemingly boring blog, one about coding and my experiences with it. Too much learning is bad…right? So I’ll use the excuse of the Challenge to change the perspective of my blog for a little, see my writing differently. I think the audience and I can both learn a little more about me this way. Anyway to wrap up today I will say that for this week I will be keeping my eyes open for the rich details of life. I already noticed one today and that was the moon shining over my neighborhood. I got a picture of it and maybe I can submit it with the challenge.



About innovativegam3r

A person interested in the art of Programming. Sharing my mistakes and accomplishments with WordPress.

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