A young programmers beginning.

I’ve heard a few things about blogging and I figured that since I recently started learning about very simple code I should start a blog about my findings in the field of programming. Every interesting and helpful thing that I learn will go on here and hopefully it will be useful to someone other than myself. I come into WordPress with simple thoughts in my head.

1. Blog a lot in order to improve my typing skills which are very much needed when writing even a few lines of code.

2. Write down every single thing I learn, this will help me memorize it faster and it might, like I said, help someone other than myself.

3. I read somewhere that the best way to learn is to teach someone else and to practice, so as I teach myself and practice my coding (currently learning Javascript) I will write in this blog to teach the reader, even if that reader is nonexistent, it will still let me apply my teaching skills by writing out my teaching and hoping that someone can eventually find my written works.

With all that stated lets delve into the programming world, one language at a time.



About innovativegam3r

A person interested in the art of Programming. Sharing my mistakes and accomplishments with WordPress.

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